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Because chances are, we’re a lot alike…trying to juggle family, work, and obligations, all while keeping a smile on our faces and not losing our minds!

Why A Fitness Devotional Might Be Just What You Need

We're used to caring for everyone else but ourselves. On the outside we look like we have it all together, and in reality some of us are just stuck – especially when it comes to our fitness.

I am guilty of this, putting my family and my jam-packed schedule at the top of my priority list, and letting my health – and my jeans size – suffer the consequences.

God’s plan for us is that we be healthy and whole from the inside out, and He wants to be a big part of it! Just like we want our students to thrive, He wants us to have the best possible life, too!

I decided to create this fitness devotional to help uncover the missing piece that held ME back over many years – connecting my faith to my fitness. Many friends and fellow single moms have told me some of the top issues they struggle with. I set out to see what scripture says about each, so we can get unSTUCK!


The 5 issues that came up over and over were:

body image
emotional eating

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A 5-Day Devotional to Fuel Your Fitness Through Your Faith

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