The 80 Day Obsession Workouts: Can I really do them if I’m 50?

80 Day Obsession in your 50s

Woohoo! I've been accepted into the coach-only 80 Day Obsession test group!

That might not sound like anything so special to you, but it’s something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. And at 50 years young, I’m definitely NOT going to waste this opportunity!

(If you landed here looking for 80 Day Obsession ordering info, take a shortcut and just scroll down to the bottom of this post).

I started a little over a week ago, on January 14, 2018, and I’m not gonna lie – I was a little apprehensive just with the name, “80 Day Obsession”. For starters, I don’t enjoy the thought of being “obsessed” about diets, or even workouts, for that matter. But I must say, so far I am LOVING this new program! And the only things I’m obsessed with are staying on the program, getting more sleep so I’ll have the energy to keep up, meal prepping so I don’t have a “food emergency” as I’m passing McDonald’s after work, and listening to my body along the way. :)

I feel like those are pretty healthy obsessions, so I’m officially giving myself the green light. Oh, and did I mention I’m planning to also be obsessed with really finishing? And by finishing I mean finishing #EMPTYNESTERSTRONG!

I’m glad you’re here so I can tell YOU all about it!

So What Exactly is the 80 Day Obsession?

Here are some of the most common 80 Day Obsession FAQs:

Anyone who is up for a challenging program that helps you get a leaner body and muscle definition – all from your own home.

Intermediate-to advanced exercisers who have completed workouts like 21 Day Fix or similar will love it – BUT less experienced peeps will want to follow the modifier. You can also use lighter weights, or no weights at all, until you work your way up. I’d say don’t be intimidated by the crew you see in the videos. There are LOTS of people of all shapes, sizes, and AGES crushing 80 Day Obsession!

I always allow about an hour so I don’t have to rush, although many of the workouts are between 30 and 50 minutes. Here’s an example from Week One:

  • Total Body Core (60m)
  • Booty (60m)
  • Cardio Core (40m)
  • AAA (49m)
  • Legs (46m)
  • Cardio Flow (31m)
  • Roll & Release (19m)
  • 80 different workouts
  • 2 recovery workouts (stretch & release, and roll & release, using a foam roller)
  • Starter guide
  • Eating plans
  • Workout calendar
  • Tracker sheets
  • Weekly videos
  • Music playlists

Autumn has specifically designed a macro-nutrient balanced meal plan (several of them, actually) to support maximum results. You will experience the uniquely calibrated practice of Timed Nutrition, and follow structured, yet flexible, food options.

Existing coaches and BOD members can just get the accessory pack (includes 2 sets of sliders, bands, all the guides, calendars and tracking sheets, as well as a set of the color-coded portion control containers). See the link at the bottom of this page.

All the meal plans work with the Beachbody Performance line (Energize, and Recover), but it’s not required. If you are wanting the Performance supplements, you should purchase this Accessory & Performance Bundle INSTEAD of the regular 80 Day Obsession Accessory Bundle, to save you some on the total cost.

You can also try a sampler of the supplements here.

Shakeology is definitely recommended to get your daily boost of vitamins and antioxidents in a portable superfood shake, and it’s included in the Challenge Pack bundle.

You can save by using the links at the bottom of this page to get the Shakeology and Accessory bundle together.

Yes. You are able to download up to 7 workouts at a time in the Beachbody on Demand App, so you can do this ahead of time and still access them should you find yourself without a wifi signal. This post has a quick video to show you how.

You can also download all of the PDFs of the program materials inside BOD.

What are the workouts like? Can I really do them in my 40s? Or even 50+?

If I can do these workouts, so can you! It’s tough, but I’m really having fun! I actually look forward to waking up each day and seeing what’s in store, because there are NO repeats – Autumn and the cast are going through each day’s workouts the same as we are (all 80 of them)!

The ONLY way to get 80 Day Obsession is through Beachbody on Demand (Not sure what that is? Check out this post). I have no idea if that will change, but for now you need a BOD membership to access it. In my opinion, that’s a plus, because once the program is finished, you are able to go try ANY and ALL of the other workouts in the extensive Beachbody library. 

80 Day Obsession challenge pack

6 different workout types:

Total Body Core works your entire body and helps bring definition where you never knew it was possible (hello, abs!).

Booty targets the glutes with isolated movements using the Beachbody Resistance loops and Strength Slides. These are included in the Challenge Pack, but you can also purchase them separately.

Cardio Core is what Autumn calls, “Brutal, but necessary”. It’s one of the shorter workouts at around 30 minutes, but it’s a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout combined with core moves, to every minute counts!

AAA stands for Arms, Abs, and A$. This one changes it up by working the ‘negative’ or eccentric contraction (similar to P90X2) for some major muscle work.

Legs! Ah, leg day, Autumn’s favorite! The legs are the biggest muscle group so by focusing on sculpting strong, lean legs, you’ll also be burning some serious calories.

Cardio Flow to me sounded like an “easy” one – until I tried it. It’s a stacked-move workout of very simple moves, but left me dripping in sweat. Think of Move A, then Move A + B, then Move A + B + C, etc. You complete 10 moves, then do the whole cycle two more times. Like I said, it definitely wasn’t the easy one, but it WAS my favorite!

Will I really be able to do the meal plan?

The meal plan is really simple when you get right down to it. Here is basically what you’ll do:

  • Calculate your numbers (to see which plan you fall into)
  • Choose foods that coincide with your selected plan as outlined in the eating guide
  • Use the printable tracking sheets inside BOD to write out your week
There is so much structure that, ironically, I find it freeing to NOT have to stress over what I’m eating (or not eating) every moment of the day. I just put together my plan on paper, then cook usually on one or two days per week, and I’m stocked and ready to go!

What about the containers?

The 80 Day Obsession utilizes the same portion control food containers as 21 Day Fix and many of the other programs, but with a twist. You are still free to select your choices from the color-coded food lists; however, there are fixed combinations of colors that go together at each meal. 

This is why it’s called Timed Nutrition. There are set intervals to eat certain macro-nutrients, and it revolves around when you are doing your workout block (you get to choose that, too). Don’t worry, it’s all spelled out for you in the guide.

80 Day Obsession Results!

So far the first test group (available only to coaches) had incredible results! Here are a few:

80 day obsession program
Daniel D 80 Day Obsession Progress
Dea M. 80 Day Obsession Progress

Ready for YOUR results?

I hope this post has given you some useful information on this unique and challenging new program. If you are ready to take the next step, I would be honored to help you through this 80 Day Obsession!

If you’re not quite ready, you can still get in Beachbody on Demand – there is a FREE 14-Day Trial offer going on. Just click here to get yourself in there and start trying some of the workouts right now (click on the 3 month plan with the 14-day trial. You won’t be billed until day 15, and can cancel before then if you wish).


If you ARE ready to join me in 80 Day Obsession, I can add you to my private group. We’ll use Beachbody’s “challenge tracker” app and support each other along the way! Sign up using the pre-registration form below.

Strength for your journey,

xo, laurie

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