5 Tips to Help You Actually Do Your Early Morning Workout

5 tips to do mornings

You don’t have to be in the 5AM club to realize the benefit of a morning workout routine Are you a morning workout person? As the saying goes, if you can own your morning, you’ll own your life (at least that’s what the book says). I’ve done some experimenting with shifting the times I give […]

Morning Meltdown 100 At-Home Workout Details and FAQs

Morning Meltdown 100 Featured Image

Hey all you empty nest moms (and dads) out there… If you’re tired of your same old workout routine (or maybe just need a restart after being a couch potato for a bit too long lately), get ready for Morning Meltdown 100! Morning whaaatt??? This new workout is a super fun yet challenging way to […]

5 Healthy Foods That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss

5 healthy foods that can sabotage your weight loss featured image

Remember Mean Girls?  In one of the scenes from the now classic movie, Cady tries to get Regina George, the leader of the “Plastics”, to eat more healthy foods. In reality, Cady is sabotaging Regina by telling her that her Kalteen bars were “these weird nutrition bars my mom uses to lose weight”.  In the dialogue […]

Ideas for Modifying Push-Ups and Still Seeing Results

ideas for modifying push-ups and still seeing results

Pushing through Push Ups – and Other Goals Along the Way When you think about push-ups, you might have some bad memories of a gym teacher shouting, “Drop and give me twenty!” Maybe doing push-ups gives you anxiety from your past, or maybe, like me, you’ve just never been that good at them, so dropping […]

4 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Fitness Program

8 essential questions you need to ask before choosing a fitness program

So you feel like you might be ready to finally get on with choosing a fitness program. The kids are older, maybe out of the house, you don’t have as many carpool obligations, or maybe you’re just about to hit one of those “milestone birthdays”. You’ve decided it’s time. But with a whole bunch of options […]