What to Do When Your Workouts Aren’t Working

what to do when your workouts aren't working

You’ve bought the cute workout outfits, paid for your program, and have started setting your alarm to show up and workout every morning. But it’s been a few weeks and your jeans are still annoyingly tight. Your patience is thin (but your waist still isn’t) and you’re frustrated at the annoying scale that mocks you […]

How to use the Morning Meltdown Meal Plan to Achieve Your Best Results

Chicken salad cherries grapefruit - Morning Meltdown meal plan

What would it feel like to stick with a goal for 100 days? When I taught first and second grade, the “100 Days of School” project was a huge deal. We would count collections of 100 things, make necklaces out of 100 fruit loops, calculate the cost of 100 of our favorite toys, estimate and […]

5 Tips to Help You Actually Do Your Early Morning Workout

5 tips to do mornings

You don’t have to be in the 5AM club to realize the benefit of a morning workout routine Are you a morning workout person? As the saying goes, if you can own your morning, you’ll own your life (at least that’s what the book says). I’ve done some experimenting with shifting the times I give […]

Morning Meltdown 100 At-Home Workout Details and FAQs

Morning Meltdown 100 Featured Image

Hey all you empty nest moms (and dads) out there… If you’re tired of your same old workout routine (or maybe just need a restart after being a couch potato for a bit too long lately), get ready for Morning Meltdown 100! Morning whaaatt??? This new workout is a super fun yet challenging way to […]