Encouraging Quotes for Moms and Soon-to-be Empty Nesters

Encouraging quotes for moms

To all my mom friends out there, this post is for you! Lord knows we all need a boost now and then, and this collection of encouraging quotes for moms has got you covered! For all those days when you question yourself (and this applies even if your “babies” have left the nest), if no […]

Happy Mother’s Day to the Single Mom

single mom list

Happy Mother’s Day to all the single moms out there! A note to you, my single mom friends: There is no doubt there are days when you seriously question whether you are “good enough”, especially as a single mom. This feeling tends to amplify itself on Mother’s Day – at least for me it does! […]

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

woman writing out a goal on paper

A goal + a plan = success I’m writing today’s article just as we approach Christmas week, and I can’t even believe we are already nearing the New Year’s Resolution goal setting season! Where in the world did this year go?! As school gets ready to wind down for the semester and my college kiddos come […]

How to Survive Your Setbacks and Claim Your Comeback

survive setbacks claim comeback

Hiya, Sweet Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week and that you enjoyed your Super Bowl Sunday! My team wasn’t in it (again… go Cowboys!), but it was such an inspirational finish I couldn’t help but cheer for the Patriots and their amazing comeback! Why? Because they had a “never count us out” […]

Time is Not Really Your Problem

time is not really your problem

Feeling Like You Just Need More Time in Your Day? Time is something we all say we need more of. If only it were possible to have more time in our day, we’d all have spotless homes, clean windows, and gourmet meals on the table every night. But no matter how we try, there will never be […]