4 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Fitness Program

8 essential questions you need to ask before choosing a fitness program

So you feel like you might be ready to finally get on with choosing a fitness program. The kids are older, maybe out of the house, you don’t have as many carpool obligations, or maybe you’re just about to hit one of those “milestone birthdays”. You’ve decided it’s time.

But with a whole bunch of options out there how do you choose the best one?

The better question is:

How do you choose the best one for YOU?

You could ask Google… but that might lead you down an endless rabbit hole. Visit enough websites and you’re bound to make yourself crazy with all the options out there.

google choosing workout program

Here are a few scenarios:

You try a little of everything – from magazine articles to Youtube to Pinterest – bouncing from one workout to the next. Or you resort to some miracle drink, pill, or wrap, that promises you’ll drop a dress size (or three) in a week. Maybe you get so overwhelmed you do nothing.

And get little to no lasting results.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people make amazing progress and change themselves inside and out after YEARS of struggling – and get results that last.

What should you do to be a part of THAT group?

Find the right workout, nutrition, mindset, and support – and the right process for choosing a total program that you’ll actually enjoy doing, that fits into your life, and that works!

And you start by asking yourself these questions: 

4 Essential Questions You Need to Ask Before Choosing a Fitness Program

After being an independent coach with Beachbody for the past several years, I do highly recommended their programs (and I would even if I weren’t a coach). I’ve completed many of them myself and have seen real people find success with the programs. Trust me when I say there will be something for you in their huge library of program options!

We just need to find out which one that is.

The list is growing.

As of right now there are over $6000 worth of programs inside the On Demand workout library to help you lose weight, tone, tighten, and get your nutrition in check.

Here are just a few…

Double Time
Clean Week
Country Heat
3 Week Yoga Retreat
A Little Obsessed
Shift Shop
21 Day Fix
21 Day Fix Extreme
Tai Cheng
Brazil Butt Lift
22 Minute Hard Corps
Focus T25
80 Day Obsession
Shaun Week
Core de Force
Body Beast
Hammer and Chisel
Insanity: Max 30

All of these programs “work”, but they aren’t a one size fits all. That said, when you do find your best fit program (the one that works for YOU), you will love seeing the changes it brings to your body, mind, and spirit. It’s amazing how when the person you see in the mirror starts changing, you begin to see change on the inside, too!

So what are those questions you should ask?

First of all, THIS is not one of them:

Which workout should I do if I need to lose weight fast, I have not a lot of time, and I don’t really like exercise?

Uhhh.. Remember, we’re here to try to change that mindset, so you can get your results AND make them last. :)

Instead, try these:

Question #1 before choosing a fitness program

What are you trying to accomplish?

The truth is, any quick fix can help you shed some water weight and even a few pounds, but if you want lasting health and a real change to your lifestyle, you’ll need a longer range plan and you need to get in touch with why you are doing it in the first place.

Knowing your end goal is important. Is it losing fat, gaining flexibility, having better coordination, building muscle, improving your balance, stronger bones, proper nutrition, or a combination of some of these? This question is one of the first things I ask when you apply to one of my support and accountability challenge groups – because if you know what you are trying to accomplish, you can align yourself with the best program to help you get there.

Question #2 before choosing a fitness program

How much time are you willing to commit?

The reality is, exercise has to fit into our lives or we won’t keep it up. If you choose a program that’s over an hour long, six days a week and you have 2 jobs and small children at home, chances are you just won’t do it, even with the best of intentions.

Now that is not giving you an excuse to rationalize your way out of doing anything at all because you’re “too busy”. Everyone has some down time. It’s just a matter of prioritizing what you are willing to do to make use of it. How much time are you willing to commit?

If you have a Beachbody on Demand membership, you already know there are programs of all lengths and durations. Finding that “soulmate workout“, the one you grow to actually look forward to, can make all the difference. If you let me know how much time you’re willing to commit daily, I’ll give you options to get started finding something doable for your schedule.

Not sure what Beachbody on Demand (BOD) is? See some of the highlights here.

Question #3 before choosing a fitness program

What is your current fitness lifestyle and level?

Are you a beginner? Has it been years since you’ve worked out? A weekend warrior? Haven’t seen the inside of a gym since high school? Or do you already do something on a daily basis and maybe just want to add some variety to your fitness routine?

Inside BOD, you’ll find a TON of options for every level from beginner to intermediate to advanced – dance, yoga, cardio, pilates, tai chi, weight training, kick boxing, even a nutrition-only program with no exercise at all! I’m confident there is a match in there somewhere to fit you and your fitness personality!

Question #4 before choosing a fitness program

Will you have support from someone who’s been there?

Peer pressure works! The people you surround yourself with can either lift you up or bring you down, so why not use that to help you reach your goals? Whether you’ve been working out for years or are just starting out, we can all use some support (and we don’t need the naysayers trying to derail our progress).

Studies have shown having social support increases your success rate exponentially, and without as many detours! A personal trainer is an option for accountability, but eventually that becomes an expense that most of us cannot sustain.

Don’t have unlimited funds for a personal trainer? What if you had a judgment-free zone where people shared their fitness victories and challenges, but also motivated each other to stick with their routines?  I hold virtual challenge groups to help with just that. Sure, you can go it alone, but the support from a coach and challenge group with people doing their program right along with you can be a great resource to encourage you along the way – and get back on track when you need it. After the initial investment for your program there are no added costs for a coach or group. There are several ways to get access to ME as your coach for FREE (click here to learn more).

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Fitness is more than just a workout

I hope these suggestions have helped you think about the questions you should ask before choosing a fitness program. Whatever you choose, know that the best program will be a complete program. Meaning, they should be designed like a 3-legged stool, with the fitness, nutrition, and the support working together to help you reach your optimal health. Not utilizing all 3 means you’re potentially kicking one of the legs out from under you!

Remember to take your time and follow the program without trying to short-cut the process. You already know change is not easy. It takes time. But even a “slow” pace is a good pace if the changes are positive, healthy ones and you are on track to reaching your goals. After all, one pound lost per week is 52 pounds by this time next year!

Good luck in your fitness journey, and please know that I’m just a click away!


4 questions choosing a workout program

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