Core de Force Workout Reviews

core de force workout reviews

Core de Force Workout Reviews

It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m loving this new program! After only the first few days I could already feel soreness in some places that apparently haven’t been “stretched” in some time. As I complete each day of the program, I’ll add to this page, so it will eventually become your official destination for Core de Force workout reviews.

What’s Core de Force?

In case you haven’t heard about this one yet, Core de Force is a 30-day program of MMA/Kickboxing-inspired workouts that focus on sculpting your overall body definition. As the name implies, there is a lot of “CORE” work, but you’ll also get cardio, legs, shoulders, back and abs. Plan to spend about 30-45 minutes for each routine, depending on the day.

As I go through the 30 days, I will be reviewing each of the main workouts and sharing them to this page (there are bonus workouts, too, but I didn’t make videos for those). Anyway, I’m including links here as I complete them, so if you’re reading this post and some links aren’t clickable yet, make sure to bookmark the page and come back!

Speaking of videos…

You’ll see when you watch my videos that I am definitely a work in progress – a mom on a journey like many of you are. I believe in being authentic, so take it as you want to, but please know that if you feel the need to comment on my “improper form” or lack of “power” in my punches, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. ;)

Mainly, I just wanted to shoot a few videos to run through the movements in each workout (and perhaps provide you with a good chuckle now and again), so you can get a feel of the program to see if it’s a good fit.

OK, where were we?

One thing I can say so far is this program WILL help you get strong not only physically, but mentally, as well. I find even in the first few workouts I’ve tried, that I have had to really THINK (or maybe as I age I’m losing my coordination? haha…). In any case, check out the reviews below (VIDEOS included)!

My #truthbomb disclaimer: I am NOT a fitness professional or personal trainer. I’m just a 40-something mom/empty nester who has fallen for these home workouts in a big way, and now I encourage others through the programs so they can fall in love, too (with who they see in the mirror, and the feeling they get going to their happy place after they get their health back on track)! Always check with a physician before starting any new fitness program to be sure you are healthy enough for exercise. I do not give medical advice, and my verbal or written recommendation(s) should not in any way be a substitute for the care and advice of your own doctor.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, on to the reviews.

Just click the links and you’ll arrive on a separate page with the review of each workout:

Core de Force MMA Speedcore de force reviews laurie kicking

Core de Force Dynamic Strength

Core de Force Power Sculpt

Core de Force MMA Shred

Core de Force Active Recovery

Core de Force MMA Power

Core de Force Core Kinetics

Core de Force MMA Plyo

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