The Opposite of Freedom is Bondage

After a major health scare, I realized I was finally ready to be DONE with feeling powerless and sick. I had to break free from the food bondage I was in if I was to survive to meet my future grandkids (SUGAR was my nemesis)!

I also knew the answer wasn’t in another Diet.

God helped me through a divorce, debt, and cancer, yet it took me so long to see I could (and should!) tap into His strength to help me overcome the stronghold that food issues had over me. My faith played a huge part in helping me find my food freedom, I truly believe I could not (and did not) do it alone.

The enemy tries to seek and destroy, but God’s Word can help us to depend less on ourselves and more on Him. My hope is that this short email series will help you feel encouraged through your struggle, to know that you, too, can become an overcomer. YES! You CAN have #FOODFREEDOM!

I’d love to share my Seven Baby Steps through the short videos in this seven-day video/email series with you. They’re FREE! Just click to get started!

laurie yogi

Ready to ditch food bondage forever?