LIIFT4 Weights + HIIT: Transform Your Body in Just 8 Weeks

transform body 8 weeks

The LIIFT4 Program


Anyone who is up for a challenging program that helps you get a leaner body and muscle definition – all from your own living room in less time it takes than going to a gym.

Intermediate-to advanced exercisers who have completed workouts like 21 Day Fix or similar will love it. Less experienced beginners can follow the modifier, use lighter weights, or no weights at all. 

Most of the workouts are between 30 and 40 minutes. Here’s an example from Week One:

  • LIIFT 50/50 (39m)
  • LIIFT Circuit (35m)
  • LIIFT Intervals (31m)
  • LIIFT4 Roll & Recover (10m)
  • LIIFTStretch (9m)
  • 32 different workouts
  • 2 recovery workouts (stretch and roll & release)
  • Instructional videos by Joel to show you proper form and tips
  • Starter guide
  • Eating plans
  • Workout calendar
  • Weight progression tracker 
  • Weekly videos
  • Music playlists

A macro-nutrient balance of approximately 30% protein, 40% carbs, and 30% fat is laid out in the meal plan, using the portion control containers similar to 21 Day Fix and 80 Day Obsession. 

You’ll get to mix and match foods you enjoy within a simple framework using the color-coded containers. No gimmicks, no difficult recipes. Just real whole food in the right amounts. 

Your day starts with your nutritional foundation—Shakeology, the superfood nutrition shake that will  provide you with a sustainably-sourced healthy blend of high-quality proteins, probiotics, and essential vitamins and minerals.

The Beachbody Performance supplement system can also play a huge role on your LIIFT4 workout days.

Once a week you’ll also have a “cheat day” option (so you can still have a life).

All the meal plans work with the Beachbody Performance line, but it’s not required. If you are wanting the Performance supplements, you should purchase this Annual BOD, Shakeology & Performance Pack Bundle to save you some on the total cost of buying a la carte.

You can also try a sampler of the supplements here.

Shakeology is definitely recommended to get your daily boost of vitamins and antioxidents in a portable superfood shake, and it’s included in these packs:

For NEW (non-BOD) customers

For existing BOD customers

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LIIFT4 Results!

So far the first test group (employees and elite coaches) had incredible results! Here are a few (I”ll be updating more as we go along, too!):

LIIF4 Results Janene

The cheat day was amazing! Sometimes a girl just needs a latte, you know? I loved being able to be super clean six days a week and allowing myself to indulge a little in the cravings I was having. I kept it within reason, but allowing myself to have those things made this program seem so much more livable!

LIIFT4 Results Jordan

You’re simply not going to get me working out five or six days a week, so the four-day split was essential. The workout schedule is among the best things about the whole program for me.

LIIFT4 Results Sarah

He (Joel) makes it easy to show up and do the work for best results! I also enjoyed the constant reminders of proper form so you could evaluate yourself and make adjustments as needed. LIIFT4 has created a new inner strength and fierce determination to accomplish goals despite happenings in other parts of life.


Ready for YOUR results? Here's what to do:

Remember, LIIFT4 launches on October 1, 2018, but VIP Early Access begins on July 16th. All you need to do to get in is purchase any LIIFT4 pack, bundle, or the early digital access membership to take advantage of the early access. Purchase LIIFT4 here. 

If you’re ready and feel like this program might be a good fit for you, I would be honored to help you through LIIFT4! Just get in touch with me through the pre-registration form below and I’ll be in touch soon!

Not quite ready for LIIFT4? You can still sample hundreds of the other Beachbody workouts, like 21 Day Fix or 80 Day Obsession, inside BOD. Just click here to get yourself in there (click on the 3-mo. plan with the 14-day trial). You won’t be billed until day 15, and can cancel anytime.


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