How to Get Past Your Lottery Mentality and Finally Win

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If you won the Powerball tomorrow what would you do first? New car, invest, or maybe pay off some debt? No doubt you’d be excited (as would all of your friends who would suddenly be coming out of the woodwork!), but unfortunately the odds of winning is around 1 in 292 million. So no, you and I aren’t winning. And if you live your life believing in the fantasy that you can get something for nothing, you’ll be disappointed. Every. Time. But learn how to ditch the lottery mentality in your life, and you will set yourself up for success and so much more!

The lottery mentality 

If you claim that having better luck would somehow provide you with a life full of more amazing opportunities, that’s the lottery mentality.

When you feel you deserve to win something without working for it, that’s the lottery mentality.

And if you feel like someone owes you something when you haven’t earned it, BINGO! You have a lottery mentality.

Dreams vs actionlottery mentality: proverbs 28:19

Fantasies are fun, but the danger of a lottery mentality is that we begin to think we deserve something for nothing. If you are hoping to lose weight, save money, or other “dream” you’ve been hanging on to for a while and you haven’t seen success, know this: Dreams without action are just wishes, and wishes rarely come true without some plan to achieve the goal and a commitment of effort for some way to get there.

No goals? No plan? Get ready for your dreams to eventually go off and die somewhere.

It doesn’t happen all at once, but over time, attitudes change, behaviors change, and one day we look back wondering why nothing good ever happens to me or why I can’t seem to get ahead (cue the violin strings).

We tend chase the quick fix in hopes of getting max results for minimum work. But quick fixes are usually just lies brought on by our hopes for instant gratification. Not to mention, by always seeking shortcuts in life with no real work attached, we stifle our resiliency and perseverance – skills we need to win (pass this on to your kids)!

You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously. ~ Steve Maraboli

Beware! If we exist in a lottery mentality state for too long, we begin to lose our drive to be productive and successful. An attitude of entitlement turns us into victims.

Let’s stop the I guess good things just happen for other people thing – when WE didn’t lift a finger to do anything about our situation. It’s time to shake that off and start employing our own efforts.

Know any of these people?

The lottery mentality keeps us in a poverty mindset, and it manifests itself in our lives more often than we realize. If we are not careful it can spread into multiple areas of our lives.

The employee who gives minimal effort at a job he dislikes, just to punch a time clock and collect his check (and complaining when there is no raise).

The teenager who slacks in school expecting to be passed on to the next grade, regardless of his effort.

The unemployed worker who quits looking for a job because it’s just as easy to cash in on government assistance.

The one who complains how hard it is to lose weight while continuing to eat crapy food and sitting in front of the TV?

The question I would ask is, “Why wouldn’t you want a life where you could be more?” And more importantly, What’s stopping you?”.

So how do we lose the lottery mentality?

It is easy to get comfortable and complacent. Yet, if we do what we’ve always done, we will get what we’ve always gotten. So if you are ready for something to change, here it is. Here’s how to get past your lottery mentality so you can finally start winning. Nothing earth-shattering or mind-blowing, just 2 simple steps:

  1. Shift your attitude
  2. Take some action.

ATTITUDE affects altitude

If you want more joy, more prosperity, or more success in your life, it starts with a shift in your attitude. Once you really make this shift, your patterns of behavior, the way you speak, and your beliefs themselves will begin to change and you’ll no longer buy into the LIE that tells you that you DESERVE success without the work.

The people in your “inner circle” also influence your attitude, so ask yourself who you are letting in. Maybe it’s time to add some new friends to your circle, or at least hang out more with the ones who aren’t trying to bring you down.

ACTION attracts abundance

This step isn’t always easy, and taking action may not guarantee success, but neither does sitting on the couch. So DECIDE you will do something more, and get after it!

Grab some new knowledge, learn from new people, do something different. If you fall short, get up and try again. Don’t quit! In time, your efforts will reap rewards.

There is NO shame in FALLING short, but you’ll never know your potential if you keep STOPPING short.

Do something different, welcome the mistakes

proverbs 10:4 lottery mentalityWant a better job? Trying to get out of debt? Want to lose weight? If you haven’t seen results, it is time to do something different.

Make a decision, learn what you need to do from people who have been there and done that. Then be diligent. Shift your attitude, then commit to take some action – simple (not necessarily easy) steps that you can use to increase your odds of winning.

The world doesn’t owe you success, so don’t gamble it away or waste time on wishes without action.

You owe it to yourself to break free from a poverty mindset so you can stop depending on a lottery mentality to help you prosper. Do the real work and enjoy the rewards when they come.

You are worth it!

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