P90X3 Agility X

P90X3 Workout – Agility X Review

Ok, so here is my P90X3 Review of AGILITY X:  This one left me gasping for air! It was a genuine cardio workout and I can’t believe how the 30 minutes just flew by. No equipment was needed other than a “marker” (masking tape worked well) on the floor. The moves ranged from running to jumping to squatting, and he threw in some plyometrics. You know, just for fun. ;)

There was lots of changing direction, keeping you guessing and keeping your body (and brain) engaged. All in all, a great cardio workout and a very efficient use of time. It sure beats a half-hour on the elliptical!

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The moves:

The good:

I loved  that each move is done for a full minute. This gave me time to “practice”, rather than skipping ahead to another move before I got good at the first one. Modifications were simple, by going a little slower or going for 45 seconds rather than a full 60, which I’m sure I will work my way up to soon. The tape on the floor was also a good marker, for consistent foot placement and something to aim for.

The not so good:

You need some space for this one. I wish I had a better surface, too. I had my mat on a carpet, and it kept slipping around so I needed to make adjustments often. I think a hard surface floor would be better, if you have a choice.

The video:

Video of P90X3 AGILITY X Review (coming soon)
(click here if you are having browser issues and can’t see the video):

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