Find Your Soulmate Workout and Learn to Love Exercise Again

find your soulmate workout

If you workout because you know it’s good for you but begrudge every moment, sadly you are like millions of Americans on the fitness struggle bus.

So many of us think that to get healthy we must suffer through long bouts of “training” on the elliptical, or running for miles on a treadmill going nowhere, and forcing ourselves to suck it up and endure.

Whoever said exercise should feel like punishment?

Do you know this story? You hate (name your most disliked workout), but know it’s effective (because you see others getting amazing results), so you lace up and get out and do it. After a couple of weeks you you begin to procrastinate, then make excuses, then completely stop, regain a few pounds from the overeating you subconsciously gave yourself permission to do (but wait, you aren’t doing that workout anymore…). Ugh.

Pretty soon you have to pick up and start all over again, repeating the cycle, hopefully for the last time. Unfortunately, this method of “getting in shape” is so common, even though it DOESN’T work.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

Have you heard of the Soulmate Workout?

No, it’s not an exercise program that magically sets you up with the spouse of your dreams.

The Soulmate Workout is a term I first heard from fitness celebrity Chalene Johnson, and ever since I’ve used the concept to help myself and others really figure out what workout is not necessarily the best of the worst, but the one that’s the best fit.

What’s Your Soulmate Workout?couple exercising together

I looked up the term soulmate and according to Urban Dictionary, a “Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if exercise could “understand and connect” with us? Bring us a sense of peace?

Well, if you knew your Soulmate Workout you’d say YES because chances are, as crazy as it sounds, you’ve felt exactly that.

At it’s core, finding your Soulmate Workout is just discovering a form of exercise that, well, doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s a workout that is NOT viewed as punishment.

When you have to force your workout, your soul knows the difference.

Love at first sight?

Like dating, it might not necessarily be love at first sight, but in time maybe the awkwardness starts to feel more comfortable, and soon you might find you actually look forward to your new workout routine (gasp!). One day you just might look back and realize it has become a part of you that you can’t imagine living without.

That’s a Soulmate Workout.

If you just can’t picture that in your mind quite yet, no worries! You can look forward to the “honeymoon period” as you go through some trial and error. I am confident everyone has a Soulmate Workout that they’ll connect with. We just have to find it.

Remember that exercise is vital – especially as we age – for a healthy body, mind, and soul. The benefits of getting our bodies up and moving far outweigh the growing pains of going through the process of really finding our best fit when it comes to working out. Who knows, you may have several favorites that you’ll grow to love!

How to choose your Soulmate Workout

Just like dating helps you choose the right mate, there is a process to finding your Soulmate Workout, too. Here are some questions you can think about that may help:

Did you play a sport for fun at any point in time?

What kind of music gets you moving?

Do you prefer indoors or outdoors?

Dancing or running?

Alone or in a group?

At a gym or at home?

Low impact or high intensity?

Do you love competition?

[Click here for an article I wrote recently with other specific questions to ask yourself before choosing a workout program]

As you take a look at your answers to those questions, I encourage you to get out and start “playing the field”. Go ahead, have fun with it!

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