Hi! My name is Laurie!

I lost 30 pounds working out at home, and now I help other empty nesters who long to feel comfortable in their own skin.

but what I really do is...

Through a simple daily routine for fitness and nutrition, I encourage other moms to come along as we find strength in the struggle and take back control of our health and confidence.

Being a mom is the world’s hardest (but most rewarding) job! I’ve been a mom for nearly 30 years, and a single mom for almost half of that time. And now I’m an Empty Nester.

I believe all of us are shaped for our purpose by the good, bad, and the ugly in our lives, and through it all we are made stronger. That’s why I named my fit club Shaped for Strength – a reminder of just how far we can come, despite the long & crazy journey it is sometimes. But I’m grateful for all of it, because it’s brought me to where I am right now.

In fact, I kinda feel like the ‘right now’ is really the best chapter (and it’s not over yet)!

laurie kicking during a core de force workout
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As our kids have grown up before our very eyes and are now teetering in that sweet spot between kiddo and adulthood, we feel grateful & joyous, under appreciated & overwhelmed, humbled & proud, all at the same time.

And since we all know that parenting is a job that never really ends, let me just take a moment to say thank you God, for inventing chocolate. And, of course, Chick-fil-A. ;)

If you're like me, you've likely spent YEARS wrapped in an identity of who you are to everyone else. With each season, your emotional tank feels a little emptier... and your jeans a little tighter.

All too often we guilt ourselves into putting our own health needs last (or is that just me?). All the things – the kids, the house, work, or whatever (fill in the blank with your favorite) just seem like they always belong higher up on the list of priorities.

I totally get you when you need to vent about emotions running high or metabolisms running low.

But especially as we head into this empty nest thing, it’s high time we shift that thinking. 

We're not getting any younger, friends!
NOW is the time to start putting ourselves back on top of the list!

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You’ve probably tried some workout or diet program before. It probably worked for a while, and you felt on top of your game.

And then it didn’t. And you lost your “motivation”.

But being healthy (especially as we age) is more than simply dropping a dress size. It’s about making a shift in small daily habits (and it’s not by following points or lists of rules). 

I do not love fitness. But I have figured out a way to stay consistent with some daily habits. I know myself well enough to realize I can’t wait around for momentum to magically appear.  

Those small habits have become just like brushing my teeth – I just do it.  

Sounds crazy, I know, but I really believe that once you shift your habits, it changes your mindset – and THAT changes your momentum.

Do I still hate to turn down a fresh plate of cookies or bowl of ice cream? Heck yeah... just like you (because duh.. we're human). But now that the kids have grown & flown, I finally have the time to starting taking care of me again. And it's going pretty well.

If you decide you want to work together you'll get encouragement & accountability in these three areas:


We'll find ways to utilize your existing calendar to carve out time and space for you to find (and DO) a workout that works for you (there are 700+ to choose from).


You'll learn to view food as fuel - helping you decrease gut inflammation, beat sugar addiction, get better sleep, and be happy making choices that work for you.


I'll help you celebrate even the tiniest of victories, and strengthen your belief that you are worth it - with lots of grace along the way, and no more mom guilt!

Let’s get Shaped for Strength

Fun Facts About Me

I’ve been a single parent since 2006.

Both of my children (now 20-something adults) were college athletes.

I have a Master’s in Curriculum and Administration and have worked in public education for over 20 years.

I taught myself web design and could tinker all day long if given the chance.

I’m a cancer survivor.

I’m semi-addicted to chocolate!

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Ready to write your comeback story?

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