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Learn simple ways to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, feel great & look amazing! Start here, with the Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Food Guide:

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I'm Laurie


...who's spent her days guiding, providing, sacrificing, and loving the ones who count on her most, pressing pause on her own goals to help her kids achieve theirs

and I'm ready for a change!

Check out these resources to help you take back control of your unhealthy habits, walk into a room with confidence, and finally fit into those clothes in the back of the closet!

Here's how I can help...

This is 50-ish

Would you believe me if I told you getting fit after 50(ish) can actually be fun? Heck yeah, it can!

With simple tools for integrating fitness and nutrition into your everyday life, backed by proven programs done from your own home on your own time, we’ll tackle that darn weight loss resistance, address the evil “slowing metabolism”, and achieve your happy place of living and aging well.

As women over 50, we know the struggle is real.

As a cancer survivor, single mom, and middle school teacher, I totally get it! Trying to eat healthy and stick to a workout routine is tough with so much on your plate. My promise to you is to help you find strength in the struggle, so you can get back to taking care of YOU again (and age ever-so-gracefully into this next season of life)!

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