The Shaped for Strength Fit Club

Because being strong, health, and fit is more than just a quick fix (or a number on a scale)

It’s about self-care, confidence, and wellness from the inside out. 

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But why is it so hard to accomplish our weight loss goals?

Let’s just say I’ve made just about every one of these mistakes…

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We're doing ineffective workouts (or none at all), and we avoid strength training, in favor of "traditional" cardio. Our body has adapted to a routine we've been doing for too long.


We eat the wrong foods, too much of the right foods, or we use excuses to eat junk because planning ahead is overwhelming. The "rules" are confusing & we don't know where to start.


We make weight loss the ultimate goal, and obsess about numbers on a scale. We think we need to lose weight to be healthy instead of getting healthy to lose weight, be happy, and be fulfilled.


We lack someone to turn to when we feel like quitting. We love the quick fix and think we'll just wing it alone. What we really need is support (and sometimes some tough love)!

Any of this sound familiar? Guess what that means? You are totally NORMAL!

But lucky for us…

We don't have to go it alone!

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The Shaped for Strength Fit Club Bootcamp plugs you into a SYSTEM of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and community.

  • I create a private group with a cool app you can use to track your progress.
  • I’ll send you an invite & add you in along with others on the same journey as you, so you feel connected – and never alone!
  • We’ll do a daily check-in, whether it be to share a favorite healthy meal, how we did with that day’s workout, or just be there to encourage each other.
  • YOU’LL GET support and accountability, and as you gain momentum, we’ll help you celebrate the little victories you’ll experience along the way! 

Why should you join The SFS Fit Club?

Change is HARD, but knowing you’re not alone is half the battle. Helping you crush your goals, no matter how many times you’ve had to RE-start in the past is my mission (confession… I need this just as much as anyone)!

If you’re tired of trying to “wing it” on your own (especially if the stuff that used to work isn’t quite cutting it anymore) I totally get it. 

Sure, you can scour free YouTube videos looking for the latest plank challenge.

But in our group you are getting a system:

  • a structured workout program, with tools to help you stay with it!
  • the nutrition component that has been designed by experts 
  • support from others trying like heck to reach their goals, too! 
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At the end of 30 days, you’ll find that you’ve made some friends along the way! There’s even a money-back guarantee!

Everyone has a different starting point, but everyone can see progress.

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Just click I’M READY and you’ll land on the Fit Club Interest Form. Once I get that back from you, I’ll reply in 24-48 hours with some package options based on your individual goals.

Already a member but lost your login? Email me for a code to join the group for free.